Quantum Laser Sintering

QLS multiplexes a single laser beam into several million micro lasers, that instantly thermal image and fuse the imaged print surface area layer without any loss of energy or resolution.

The difference

Unlike all traditional thermoplastic 3D printing technologies that are either single beam or single nozzle, our technology makes a quantum leap in digital manufacturing by imaging and fusing the entire layer all at once and for that very reason we are calling it Quantum Laser Sintering.


Patented light engine

In our QLS technology, a single laser beam of 1070nm wavelength enters the beam shaping optics, where it is prepared to further enter a high power projector. The projector multiplexes a single beam into several million micro lasers, which are then passed through projecting optics and onto a work plane, thereby enabling the capability to image the entire cross -section of a layer all at once.

Model NXF1
Technology QLS
Layer fusing time under 1s
Laser power 3000W 
Z.Resolution 50-200 microns
XY.Resolution 75 microns
Building Volume 300x400x400mm

(11.8x15.7x15.7 in)

Material delivery system Counter roller and overhead powder delivery