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We believe that the world needs industrial strength 3D printers and we are passionate about making our QLS™ technology the heart of digital manufacturing at scale. Join us!


NXT Factory Unveils Its High-Speed Quantum-Laser-Sintering QLS 350 at Rapid+TCT 2019

  • Experience how the QLS 350 prints at 4X the speed of other laser sintering systems and at comparable speed to multi-jet fusion live at Rapid + TCT
  • See for the first time the power of fully automated High Temperature, Performance Polyamide additive manufacturing system with autonomous powder handling at injection molding scale, quality and cost effectiveness
  • Join our Preferred Materials Partner Program with other qualified third party providers featuring material range inclusive of PA6, PA12 & PETG
  • Reserve your QLS 350 system today! NXT Factory is accepting orders and adding qualified resellers for shipment during the second half of 2019