We are experienced engineering startup executives, with a proven track record of success in developing 3D printing solutions. We have worked with a number of additive manufacturing leaders to develop new technologies, and our collective experience led us here.


Our massive transformative purpose is to accelerate the transition of additive manufacturing from rapid prototyping phase to full industrial strength on the manufacturing. We don't want to be a “me too” company. We want to be the state of the art you would like to invest in, where we create and pioneer a new category of additive manufacturing technologies and systems.

Our approach is very different from traditional Laser Sintering and Jet Fusion systems. We totally departed from the single point laser technology and introduced a proprietary laser beam matrix,  capable of imaging the entire layer all at once at ultra-fast speed.

We believe that the world needs industrial strength 3D printers and we are passionate about making our QLS technology the heart of digital manufacturing at scale.